Thai Massage in Delhi by Female to Male

thai massage in delhi

Thai massage is like a journey with body and mind through time and space. In the purest traditional version, mild disorders can be treated and the beneficial effects of a thousand-year-old knowledge can be tested on skin, muscles and brain. A knowledge that through touches, pressures and twists tries to join the mental and physical dimensions, thus awakening the body’s self-healing capacity.

The causes of many psychosomatic disorders are to be found in the fossilization of emotions and, consequently of energies, in some parts of the organism. Stimulating and unblocking these energetic occlusions through massage means, therefore, not only freeing that specific area and helping it to find the best possible form, but also triggering a psycho-emotional reaction that will lead to perceive your body in a freer and “emotionally” different way. .

One of the main purposes of massage is to help bring man back into himself. This process of reintegration does not refer so much to the recovery of physical health as a result of a specific pathology, as to a path of inner healing that leads, who accesses it, to those synchronicities where there is neither suffering nor disease. The instrument by which such a climb makes itself possible is the closest and immediate thing we have: the sensation. The massage brings our attention back to the universe of “elementary sensations” and here, in the condition of simplicity so recalled, the vital rhythms of the body are rekindled, which in this way harmonizes and consequently takes care and heals.

It is said that massage was the first form of treatment developed by man. It could be defined as an “instinctive cure” that leads to the support of the thai massage in delhi ncrhands on the suffering parts, that is, using the contact as a sort of calming and natural painkiller. Massage is a form of ancient therapy and also one of the most natural gestures we do every day, since it is natural to rub a sore arm, or that part of the body that hurts us. It can be compared for some characteristics to the contact that for each of us has been fundamental since birth, that is the one with the mother, who lovingly cuddles and cares for her child, thus favoring a harmonious development.

Traditional Thai body massage in delhi combines the characteristics of massage (manipulation and stimulation of the muscles), chiropractic (manipulation of the bony parts) and digitopresion (application of deep and constant pressure on specific nerves, tendons and ligaments), acting along the channels energy (meridians-sen), in order to restore the correct circulation of vital energy (prana) in the organism and thus to balance the functions of the four body elements, which according to the Ayurvedic tradition are:

– earth, water, fire, air.

The Thai massage resembles a slow, meditative fluid dance where the operator uses her body as a lever that allows the recipient of the massage to perform approximately 130 different streatching movements. Respecting the level of agility and flexibility of the body of the patient is essential and the benefits of the techniques used benefit both those who have limitations in their movements as well as those who are an agile athlete.

This ancient art is focused on the musculoskeletal system and is applied with delicate force in muscles, joints, ligaments, bones and connective tissues. The body is stretched, stretched and manipulated in a gentle and deep way with hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, knees, feet. The pressures enter deeply without sliding on the skin and produce a stimulus to which the organism of the treated person “answers”, recovering and manifesting from the deep one’s vital resources; then they relax the tensions and allow the whole energy to be released.

The traditional Thai massage is applied in the four classic positions: supine, prone, on the side, seated. It starts from the feet, then there are the legs; afterwards we focus very carefully on the back, then arms, shoulders, neck, ears and face.

In addition to the traditional Thai massage without oil, there is Thai massage with essential oils, the plantar (reflexology), the firming and draining anti-cellulite thai massage in delhi.

Some of the BENEFITS are:

– posture improvement. The joints, put in traction in a fluid and natural way, retain their elasticity, the bones the ability to assimilate calcium. Muscles and tendons increasing their flexibility and strengthening;

– improvement of the functionality of the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Pressures stimulate venous return and lymphatic drainage resulting in visible results, such as brighter and smoother skin, reduced water tension and cellulite;

– sagging and general well-being. The relaxation of the tensions and the correction of possible anomalies of the articular movements, slows down the production of adrenaline rebalancing the neurovegetative system. This eliminates the cause that most frequently causes physical and mental fatigue. The body finally free from stress and toxins is pervaded by a feeling of lightness and well-being.

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