Full Body Massage in Delhi by Female to Male

Full Body Massage in Delhi by Female to Male

Relieves the stress of daily stress, softens the skin and activates the lymphatic circulation, thanks to a series of manipulations on the muscles of the back, neck, arms, back and legs. It relaxes the tissues and improves the mood.

Massage activates blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism, reduces head and muscle pains.

As a result of massage, the body’s resistance to diseases increases. Massage acts relaxing in both mental and physical tension.

Classical massage is aimed primarily at:

Improve skin metabolism and structure
The metabolism and condition of the muscles
Restoration of tendon and ligament metabolism
Improving the health of the gut
Facial skin elasticity and metabolism restoration.

Here’s how to create a relaxing atmosphere to combat stress, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue

Stress, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue. How many times have we been struggling with these everyday problems? Despite the desire for a relaxing back and shoulder massage, very often, however, we do not have the time or resources to allow ourselves a purifying stop in a wellness center. How to do it then? The solution is very simple and at your fingertips: do-it-yourself relaxing body massage in delhi. Let’s see what are the steps to follow:

Once you find a quiet place to clear your mind, start breathing slowly with the diaphragm: inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. No problem if you have a little dizziness. It is the normal effect of hyperoxygenation.
Bend the head slightly back and massage the base of the neck and shoulders through small compressions of about 5 seconds.
Circular movements along the neck make it possible to stretch the cervical vertebrae.
Relax the back by turning the shoulders a dozen times, first individually and then both at the same time.
Finally a little stretching of the neck through movements forward and then back.

A bit of music and an exotic atmosphere finally make our DIY massage even more relaxing. Seeing is believing!

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