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body to body massage in kailash colony delhi

We recommend classic full body to body massage in kailash colony delhi city to understand the art of relaxation, unity of mind and body, giving you a gentle and massage.

Massage is certainly one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy. The main goal of massage is to stimulate self-healing processes in the body. Classic body massage in kailash colony delhi includes back massage, back, leg and foot back massage while the client is lying on the stomach and the massage of the front of the leg, chest, abdomen and arm while the client is lying on his back.

Massage relaxes, stimulates stress relaxation and tension, relaxes circulation, reduces pain and increases elasticity of tissue and muscle tone. For full body massage in combination with facial massage. Massage is performed in a pleasant ambiance with the sounds of light and calming music. Secured privacy of every client is ensured.

The classic body to body massage in delhi makes you forget your care and feel at the seventh heaven, while being extremely helpful and healthy.

Psychological and mental relaxation combines with stimulation of the most stressed parts of the body for a harmonious recovery from the dynamics and stress of the working day.

But complete magic is only unlocked in the hands of real professionals!

Do not forget to make a reservation!

Relax and get rid of tension and muscle cramps! Immerse yourself in the world of bliss and relax – Jean D’Arcel Cosmetic Center!

Classical relax body assage in kailash colony of whole body with natural sesame oil (60 minutes) – for 17.50lv instead of 35lv!

More information about natural sesame oil:

Aromatic oil is obtained by hot or cold pressing and also by chemical extraction of sesame seeds. The seeds are collected by hand, which is why the sesame oil is relatively expensive. Sesame seed oil contains a lot of lecithin, magnesium and phosphorus, up to 4% complex of sugar and protein molecules (glycoproteins). This type of protein is an important component of the horny layer of the skin and makes it healthier. Sesame oil seed oil acts as a beauty elixir and has a millennial history. It penetrates deep into the skin cells and helps to remove harmful waste. Suitable for dry, mixed and aging skin, it becomes significantly softer and smoother.

Often our body suffers from stress, insomnia and other ailments caused by busy everyday life? Take a break and enjoy a relaxing retreat – with a voucher for Wellness Spa Studio!

Classic or relaxing body massage in delhi with aromatic oils (60 minutes) – for 14.90lv instead of 30lv.

Massage not only relaxes the muscles of the body and relieves perceptions but also has the power to eliminate stress and improve the quality of sleep. Give yourself a well-deserved rest at the end of the day.

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