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Female to Male Special Body Massage in Delhi | Spa in New Delhi

RELAXING MASSAGE When it comes to massages practiced for therapeutic purposes, one can certainly not leave out the most pleasant of all: the relaxing massage. Relaxing massage is not only a type of specific massage aimed at psycho-physical relaxation, but gives rise to an innumerable amount of benefits in the body. The characteristics of relaxing …

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  • body to body massage in kailash colony delhi

    Wellness Spa Full Body Massage in Kailash Colony Delhi Female Male

    We recommend classic full body to body massage in kailash colony delhi city to understand the art of relaxation, unity of mind and body, giving you a gentle and massage.

    Massage is certainly one of the oldest and simplest forms of therapy. The main goal of massage is to stimulate self-healing processes in the body. Classic body massage in kailash colony delhi includes back massage, back, leg and foot back massage while the client is lying on the stomach and the massage of the front of the leg, chest, abdomen and arm while the client is lying on his back.

    Massage relaxes, stimulates stress relaxation and tension, relaxes circulation, reduces pain and increases elasticity of tissue and muscle tone. For full body massage in combination with facial massage. Massage is performed in a pleasant ambiance with the sounds of light and calming music. Secured privacy of every client is ensured.

    The classic body to body massage in delhi makes you forget your care and feel at the seventh heaven, while being extremely helpful and healthy.

    Psychological and mental relaxation combines with stimulation of the most stressed parts of the body for a harmonious recovery from the dynamics and stress of the working day.

    But complete magic is only unlocked in the hands of real professionals!

    Do not forget to make a reservation!

    Relax and get rid of tension and muscle cramps! Immerse yourself in the world of bliss and relax – Jean D’Arcel Cosmetic Center!

    Classical relax body assage in kailash colony of whole body with natural sesame oil (60 minutes) – for 17.50lv instead of 35lv!

    More information about natural sesame oil:

    Aromatic oil is obtained by hot or cold pressing and also by chemical extraction of sesame seeds. The seeds are collected by hand, which is why the sesame oil is relatively expensive. Sesame seed oil contains a lot of lecithin, magnesium and phosphorus, up to 4% complex of sugar and protein molecules (glycoproteins). This type of protein is an important component of the horny layer of the skin and makes it healthier. Sesame oil seed oil acts as a beauty elixir and has a millennial history. It penetrates deep into the skin cells and helps to remove harmful waste. Suitable for dry, mixed and aging skin, it becomes significantly softer and smoother.

    Often our body suffers from stress, insomnia and other ailments caused by busy everyday life? Take a break and enjoy a relaxing retreat – with a voucher for Wellness Spa Studio!

    Classic or relaxing body massage in delhi with aromatic oils (60 minutes) – for 14.90lv instead of 30lv.

    Massage not only relaxes the muscles of the body and relieves perceptions but also has the power to eliminate stress and improve the quality of sleep. Give yourself a well-deserved rest at the end of the day.

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  • Classical Female to Male Body Massage in New Delhi

    Classical female to male body massage in delhi is used to relax and tone the whole body, reduce fatigue in the muscles and restore their normal tone. The massage stimulates the immune system, optimizes blood circulation and relieves the muscles, as a result of which the body completely shakes off the fatigue.

    female to male body massage in delhi

    After this type of massage, the skin is fresh and toned, due to increased blood circulation and toxin excretion. Classic massage is also a great method for improving nervous system performance.

    When applied, special oils, creams and lotions are used to improve the smoothness of the gliding effect under reduced skin resistance. The classic massage is recommended for the prevention and treatment of certain specific diseases, correction of the figure posture, removal of muscle tension, etc.

    Best Spas in Delhi

    More and more people of all ages come to a spa to rest from their busy daily lives and find balance again. Delhi offers a wide selection of professional spas that will surely make you feel refreshed and spas with deals for romantic getaways.

    You will benefit from the proposals of wellness and beauty that offer, from classic massages to exotic treatments because there are offers for all tastes.

    The luxurious spa at the new delhi area is one of the pre-selected spas to become the best spa. Spacious and intimate at the same time, with an enviable natural light, it offers all the comforts you can imagine. Before or after enjoying some of the body to body massage treatments they offer, stop by the relaxation area and treat your senses.

  • special body massage in delhi

    Female to Male Special Body Massage in Delhi | Spa in New Delhi


    When it comes to massages practiced for therapeutic purposes, one can certainly not leave out the most pleasant of all: the relaxing massage. Relaxing massage is not only a type of specific massage aimed at psycho-physical relaxation, but gives rise to an innumerable amount of benefits in the body.

    The characteristics of relaxing body massage in delhi

    Relaxing massage is the perfect therapeutic practice to overcome stress and anxiety along with all the unpleasant sensations that these difficult emotional conditions generate in the body. A tangible example of physical repercussion for which the relaxing message is needed is the muscular and nervous stiffness that affects the neck, the back and even the abdomen. The stiffness can be more or less severe and it is from this that the acute or chronic pain complained by the majority of patients originates. The pain of the contracture can be localized both in the muscular tissue and in the joints, but it can also afflict the internal organs, as often happens in the irritations of the colon, a section of the intestine particularly sensitive to the mood. The relaxing massage is also perfect for those who complain of pain due to excessive physical fatigue, through the massage, in fact, patients avoid the problems due to fatigue as well as stress.
    How the relaxing massage works

    The relaxing massage acts on various points of the body, thanks to specific techniques stimulates the body’s energy, but not only, one of its most important effects is to reactivate the blood and lymphatic circulation. The relaxing massage, as can easily be deduced, is not therefore a simple practice of anti-stress relaxation, but is configured as an important therapy both curative and preventive. As for the stimulation of energy derived from relaxing massage sessions, it is good to know how much energy for the body should not be underestimated because thanks to this stimulation the body is able to restore its equilibrium that unfortunately stress, the frenetic rhythms and the incorrect daily habits easily manage to undermine. The relaxing massage, acting directly through appropriate manipulations, is able to rebalance the delicate and fundamental relationship that runs between body and soul.

    How to practice relaxing full body massage in delhi
    More and more people undergo relaxing massage sessions because of the innumerable benefits it gives rise to. The therapeutic session, which must always be practiced in specialized centers with a competent professional staff, is performed through slow movements and more or less deep pressures on the body, however the massage respects a delicate rhythm that due to its fluidity of movement promotes relaxation emotional psycho of the patients who undergo it. The relaxing massage, like other types of therapeutic massages, benefits from the aid of essential oils that release multiple beneficial effects during the session, are in fact very useful both at the cutaneous level because they promote the fluidity of the manipulations practiced by the masseur, and at an emotional level in how much their fragrances help the patients to relax and to remove the psychic tensions that have repercussions on their body. During the relaxing massage the surrounding environment in which the session takes place is also very important, in fact the massage room is usually equipped with warm tones and regulated intensity and, very often, the massage is performed with a musical background. appropriately chosen to promote relaxation and to chase away daily stress.

    The benefits of relaxing massage in delhi
    The relaxing massage, as we have seen, is characterized by the numerous beneficial effects it provides in the body and for this reason it is chosen as an anti-stress by more and more people. The aims that the relaxing massage sets and satisfies are mainly focused on the improvement of the immune system thanks to the stimulation of the lymphatic circulation and the general relaxation of the body, especially with a targeted action on the contractions of the muscular system. Other important properties of relaxing massage that can not be neglected are those that concern the stimulation of the production of endorphins, the great benefit it brings on the quality of sleep and the improvement of memory and contraction.

  • Full Body Massage in Delhi by Female to Male

    Full Body Massage in Delhi by Female to Male

    Relieves the stress of daily stress, softens the skin and activates the lymphatic circulation, thanks to a series of manipulations on the muscles of the back, neck, arms, back and legs. It relaxes the tissues and improves the mood.

    Massage activates blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism, reduces head and muscle pains.

    As a result of massage, the body’s resistance to diseases increases. Massage acts relaxing in both mental and physical tension.

    Classical massage is aimed primarily at:

    Improve skin metabolism and structure
    The metabolism and condition of the muscles
    Restoration of tendon and ligament metabolism
    Improving the health of the gut
    Facial skin elasticity and metabolism restoration.

    Here’s how to create a relaxing atmosphere to combat stress, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue

    Stress, anxiety, physical and mental fatigue. How many times have we been struggling with these everyday problems? Despite the desire for a relaxing back and shoulder massage, very often, however, we do not have the time or resources to allow ourselves a purifying stop in a wellness center. How to do it then? The solution is very simple and at your fingertips: do-it-yourself relaxing body massage in delhi. Let’s see what are the steps to follow:

    Once you find a quiet place to clear your mind, start breathing slowly with the diaphragm: inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth. No problem if you have a little dizziness. It is the normal effect of hyperoxygenation.
    Bend the head slightly back and massage the base of the neck and shoulders through small compressions of about 5 seconds.
    Circular movements along the neck make it possible to stretch the cervical vertebrae.
    Relax the back by turning the shoulders a dozen times, first individually and then both at the same time.
    Finally a little stretching of the neck through movements forward and then back.

    A bit of music and an exotic atmosphere finally make our DIY massage even more relaxing. Seeing is believing!

  • thai massage in delhi

    Thai Massage in Delhi by Female to Male

    Thai massage is like a journey with body and mind through time and space. In the purest traditional version, mild disorders can be treated and the beneficial effects of a thousand-year-old knowledge can be tested on skin, muscles and brain. A knowledge that through touches, pressures and twists tries to join the mental and physical dimensions, thus awakening the body’s self-healing capacity.

    The causes of many psychosomatic disorders are to be found in the fossilization of emotions and, consequently of energies, in some parts of the organism. Stimulating and unblocking these energetic occlusions through massage means, therefore, not only freeing that specific area and helping it to find the best possible form, but also triggering a psycho-emotional reaction that will lead to perceive your body in a freer and “emotionally” different way. .

    One of the main purposes of massage is to help bring man back into himself. This process of reintegration does not refer so much to the recovery of physical health as a result of a specific pathology, as to a path of inner healing that leads, who accesses it, to those synchronicities where there is neither suffering nor disease. The instrument by which such a climb makes itself possible is the closest and immediate thing we have: the sensation. The massage brings our attention back to the universe of “elementary sensations” and here, in the condition of simplicity so recalled, the vital rhythms of the body are rekindled, which in this way harmonizes and consequently takes care and heals.

    It is said that massage was the first form of treatment developed by man. It could be defined as an “instinctive cure” that leads to the support of the thai massage in delhi ncrhands on the suffering parts, that is, using the contact as a sort of calming and natural painkiller. Massage is a form of ancient therapy and also one of the most natural gestures we do every day, since it is natural to rub a sore arm, or that part of the body that hurts us. It can be compared for some characteristics to the contact that for each of us has been fundamental since birth, that is the one with the mother, who lovingly cuddles and cares for her child, thus favoring a harmonious development.

    Traditional Thai body massage in delhi combines the characteristics of massage (manipulation and stimulation of the muscles), chiropractic (manipulation of the bony parts) and digitopresion (application of deep and constant pressure on specific nerves, tendons and ligaments), acting along the channels energy (meridians-sen), in order to restore the correct circulation of vital energy (prana) in the organism and thus to balance the functions of the four body elements, which according to the Ayurvedic tradition are:

    – earth, water, fire, air.

    The Thai massage resembles a slow, meditative fluid dance where the operator uses her body as a lever that allows the recipient of the massage to perform approximately 130 different streatching movements. Respecting the level of agility and flexibility of the body of the patient is essential and the benefits of the techniques used benefit both those who have limitations in their movements as well as those who are an agile athlete.

    This ancient art is focused on the musculoskeletal system and is applied with delicate force in muscles, joints, ligaments, bones and connective tissues. The body is stretched, stretched and manipulated in a gentle and deep way with hands, thumbs, elbows, forearms, knees, feet. The pressures enter deeply without sliding on the skin and produce a stimulus to which the organism of the treated person “answers”, recovering and manifesting from the deep one’s vital resources; then they relax the tensions and allow the whole energy to be released.

    The traditional Thai massage is applied in the four classic positions: supine, prone, on the side, seated. It starts from the feet, then there are the legs; afterwards we focus very carefully on the back, then arms, shoulders, neck, ears and face.

    In addition to the traditional Thai massage without oil, there is Thai massage with essential oils, the plantar (reflexology), the firming and draining anti-cellulite thai massage in delhi.

    Some of the BENEFITS are:

    – posture improvement. The joints, put in traction in a fluid and natural way, retain their elasticity, the bones the ability to assimilate calcium. Muscles and tendons increasing their flexibility and strengthening;

    – improvement of the functionality of the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. Pressures stimulate venous return and lymphatic drainage resulting in visible results, such as brighter and smoother skin, reduced water tension and cellulite;

    – sagging and general well-being. The relaxation of the tensions and the correction of possible anomalies of the articular movements, slows down the production of adrenaline rebalancing the neurovegetative system. This eliminates the cause that most frequently causes physical and mental fatigue. The body finally free from stress and toxins is pervaded by a feeling of lightness and well-being.

  • deep tissue massage in delhi

    Deep Tissue Massage in Delhi by Female and Male

    What is deep tissue massage?
    Deep tissue massage is a powerful massage to bring the body back into balance. It is a harder massage on the limbs and back.

    When is this technique used?

    Chronic pains
    Pain contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back
    Lower back pain
    Leg muscle density
    Painful shoulders
    Cramped muscles

    During the treatment, the harder areas or points in the muscles are treated with a powerful massage and pressure on the sensitive / painful area.

    This massage is not suitable for everyone and can lead to bruising on the treated areas.

    It is very conducive to your health to undergo this body massage in delhi.
    With deep tissue massage we mainly look at the complaint that may have arisen due to overload, wrong posture, trauma, …

    Complaints are remedied by various techniques such as

    stretchingdeep tissue massage
    trigger points
    deep massage with the elbow, forearm
    finger joints and palms.

    How does it work?
    Techniques with chronic muscle tension or injury, there may be adhesions (bands of painful, stiff tissue) in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
    This massage technique focuses more on the deep tissue (fascia) and the posture muscles. Voids can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limited movement and inflammation.

    Deep tissue massage works by physically breaking these adhesions to relieve pain and restore normal movement. To do this, the massage therapist uses massage oil and often uses direct deep pressure. Muscles should be relaxed in order to reach the therapist the deeper of the attached muscle mass. These are often important for unconscious tension and stress and are touched with a lot of feeling in deep tissue, so that energy can start flowing again.

    Deep tissue massage in delhi (also called “Deep Tissue” massage) is a form of massage that focuses on the reorientation of deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially useful for chronically tense and cramped areas, such as a stiff neck, low back pain and painful shoulders.

    When there is chronic muscle tension, there are usually adhesions (bands of painful, stiff tissue) in the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Edibles can block blood circulation, cause pain and limit freedom of movement. Diseases also prevent the free flow of energy through the body.

    This tissue massage works, by physically breaking down these adhesions, to relieve pain and restore normal movement.

    This massage is characterized by the solid deep movements in the tissue.
    The goal is to loosen connective tissue and to remove any blockages.
    This massage is ideal for long-standing complaints of muscle tension or knots (trigger points).

    During the massage, considerable pressure is exerted on the different muscles. We use our fingertips and thumbs, knuckles and elbows.
    This makes it possible to reach the ‘deeper’ muscles.

  • body to body massage in kailash colony delhi

    Body to Body

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